Beard Care & Grooming

It has been observed that the hair growing on our heads and the hair on our faces is entirely different. These changes are observed especially after shaving both the head hair and the beard on the face. It is realized that the facial hair after shaving feels coarse and rough which leads to itching and irritating redness of the growing beard.

There are several established ways of hygienically and health wise washing and cleaning the beard. These methods are focusing on avoiding and easing the after-shave effects like the irritations, itchiness and even the redness of the skin around. To start with, in the morning take a shower and take time to attentively wash the beard using the recommended beard shampoo or the best beard soap. There are some natural and herbal oils with aloe vera which serves well the facial hair health. On the same note, lime contents are also useful in washing and cleaning off the facial dirt which is stuck on the pores of the face. Immediately after shaving the beard, these initial steps mentioned above are very crucial otherwise itchiness will catch up with you.

Again the design of washing the beard at  is very much relevant. It is supposed to be removed by scratching from the roots of the hair loops. This applies to both fully grown beard and even newly shaved growing beard. Using the finger tips, just massage gently on the face and ensure quality and thorough washing is done. Now that makes the first and the most crucial step in grooming the beard.

Secondly on the steps of caring and maintaining the Beard comb is, while the beard is still wet wipe gently downwards with a towel. The wiping should not be done upwards as it might frazzle the beard. Depending on the size of the beard, a comb may be used to make the facial hair while damp. If the beard is a bit longer, then the wide-toothed facility for combing is used to tangle the hair.

 Most importantly to note is, the hair should as well be combed downwards but not upwards. This should be done so gently and smoothly. Check out to learn more about beard care.

Another step of after-shave beard care is applying an oil or any form of wax. Any of these should not be used in large quantities to give you a better feeling of the day. After applying the little components, then now gently comb the hair again. All the barbers should note that this last step is more important as they play a significant role in reducing the scratching and itching of the beard after the shaving. These oils and final treatment also help in preventing and eradicating the beard dandruff.